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Cliff Bell is an ordained apostolic prophet and representative of the CI Global Network ministering throughout Latin America and director of CIGN Mexico. Cliff is married to Dianne since 1988, and together they have four wonderful children. They are based out of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. When he is not occupied ministering he enjoys learning new languages, reading and working in his yard.

Confronting Counterfeits in Colombia

Confronting Counterfeits in Colombia, Raising the Standard for True Prophetic Ministry

Dear Friends,

In September I made an extended ministry trip to three cities in Colombia.  I started in Cartagena, then went to Barranquilla and finished in Cali.

This trip was by request of Apostle Roosevelt Muriel of Bogotá.  In August I taught a prophetic training event at his church focusing on discerning between true prophetic ministry and the false, how easily divination and witchcraft has come into the church disguised as prophecy.

Let me be clear, I believe in modern day prophetic ministry, and have prophesied to thousands of people. I am grateful for Bishop Bill Hamon who has modeled the true prophetic ministry for over 60 years.  Yet it is also clear that the enemy will take advantage wherever he can to introduce a mixture and infiltrate the lives of believers.

Some of the open doors to demonic influence include: idolatry, sexual sin, pride, offense, rebellion and more.  Sadly, all these things are all too common within the church throughout Latin America. When these things (which can be subtle) are combined with a lack of biblical knowledge, a lack of intimacy with God, not understanding God’s nature and purpose for prophetic ministry, the enemy has a field day.

According to Apostle Roosevelt, the three cities where he sent me are where there have been most problems regarding prophetic ministry in Colombia. Because of a lack of teaching, most everyone who operates in any level of prophecy assumes they’re a “prophet”, not understanding the difference between the gift of  prophecy and the vocational ministry office of the prophet.

The sad reality has been that people with no training, no biblical foundation, and major character flaws have been throwing around prophecies indiscriminately like Yosemite Sam shooting bullets on Looney Tunes resulting in much harm.

Most in Latin America don’t know how to discern between a true prophetic word which edifies the Church and divination (which tells one what they want to hear), and witchcraft (which is characterized by control and even releasing curses on people). I can tell you, there was a lot of spiritual warfare going into and throughout this trip!

To give you an idea… In my travels I’ve had pastors introduce me to their “church prophet” who was still openly practicing santería or who had an altar to “St. Death” in their home.  One pastor told me that he had fifty prophets in his church (out of a total of 150 people)!  So, even many pastors are terribly ignorant regarding this subject.  If the pastor is ignorant, the congregation is even more so. This trip was very important to establish a standard in Colombia.

Barranquilla Training

The pastor in Barranquilla was blown away at the teaching. He kept telling me over and over, “what you are teaching has never been taught here. This is so needed!” He had actually been so alarmed at some of the obviously false and harmful prophecies that he had stopped all prophetic words from being given.

I commended him for being discerning and for protecting the sheep. But I also shared with him a better way: to bring biblical teaching, introduce a prophetic protocol in his church, to filter out the words that are not of God, and yet to facilitate those which are. He had never heard of prophetic protocol! His people did not know we are to judge prophecies! I believe the Lord helped me establish apostolic order and raise the standard for true prophetic ministry.

I appreciate your prayers during this trip.  Not only was there a lot of spiritual warfare, but I also was affected by a pilots’ strike in Avianca Airlines.  I had two flights with Avianca.   For my flight from Barranquilla to Cali, I arrived at the airport at 6 AM only to find out my direct flight had been cancelled.  I posted on Facebook for prayer, and eventually was re-routed through Bogotá and arrived to Cali in time for the evening’s meetings!  Thankfully, my flight leaving Cali was not cancelled, but it required me arriving three hours early to make the flight.

I am grateful to my hosts in each of the three cities. I was able to do just a little sightseeing in Cali after service on Sunday.  I will include some pictures in the slideshow below!

If you have not yet done so, I ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us and including us in your missions giving. For those who have already partnered with us, Dianne and I deeply thank you! You are a vital part of this ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Cliff Bell

Road Trip August, 2017 – Bringing Freedom!

Road Trip, August 2017

Dear Friends,

I made an extended road trip in August and was able to both minister in several churches as well as get some much needed work done for my Dad in Del Rio, TX.

My Dad has had some health challenges which finally required him to move in with one of my sisters in North Texas. His house needs to be emptied and prepared for placing on the market. I spent quite a few days in Del Rio getting his house closer to that goal.

My Dad, Bob Bell

August is one of the hottest months in West Texas.  High temperatures soared well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and some days up to 114!  Most of the work I did was in portions of the house or in out-buildings which were not air conditioned. So if I said it was “no sweat” I’d be lying!  But I was glad to be able to help my Dad.  You can check out his blog by clicking on his picture at right.

Right across the border from Del Rio is Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico.   Comunidad Cristiana Maná is a church there with whom I have relationship, and which directs four of our prophetic schools: Acuña, Piedras Negras, Nava and Del Rio. Apostles Elio & Darea Rivera and Eduardo & Patricia Ruiz are doing a great job there!   They requested I come and teach on spiritual warfare, praise warfare and the song of the Lord.  This is one of my favorite topics, and one I had been looking forward to sharing with them!

Opening the Heavens

Getting ready to bring down some strongholds

Many people attended from various cities around the area as well as by the local congregation.  The meetings were also broadcast live via Facebook, and the videos have been seen by close to another 5,000 people!   I laid the foundation for spiritual warfare, warfare praise, and the power of the shout in corporate spiritual warfare.  You can learn more about corporate spiritual warfare by reading  Bishop Bill Hamon’s book, “God’s World War III.”

Saturday night we ended with a powerful time of warfare to break the stronghold of the spirit of death and its effects over the city.  Death worship is prevalent throughout Northern Mexico, and results in high incidents of homicides, violence, suicide, depression, sickness, apathy, passivity, etc.  These have manifested in the city and even in the church.  I felt this was one of the major factors contributing to the spiritual apathy among the Christians in the city.  But as we came together in unity, something shifted over the city that night!   An amazing testimony in just a moment!

Sunday I taught on the prophetic song, and even though my voice was hoarse from shouting the night before, the Lord helped me to demonstrate and minister through the song of the Lord.  I had the worship team start off with the chorus, “There is Power in the Name of Jesus to Break Every Chain…”  Then we just flowed from there; the worship team did great following me!  The Lord ministered to the congregation (both services) on a group level, as well as to many individuals with songs of deliverance.  It was a very anointed time!  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!

Apostle Elio wrote me with some praise reports!

First, he said that many were healed and delivered that Sunday.  One lady in particular shared with him how she was delivered from oppression. He said her face just glowed!  But I was even more thrilled with the second part of his report…

Elio has a public Facebook page called Ora Por Acuna (Pray for Acuna).  There he leads those who will respond in prayer over the city.  Usually he gets between 300 to 500 people to respond.  The Monday following that weekend (August 14) MORE THAN 25,000 PEOPLE JOINED IN THE PRAYER FOR THE CITY!!!  He wrote,

“That’s NEVER happened before.  The Holy Spirit did a miracle of unity and blessing for the city!  Truly, God broke something off the atmosphere of the city!”

(UPDATE OCTOBER 10:)  Apostle Elio reports that a few days later he posted a prayer request which 500,000 people responded as ‘praying for Acuna”!  After that post apparently “went viral”, the numbers have leveled off at between 42,000 and 64,000.  THAT’S A CONSISTENT 100 FOLD INCREASE!

As a result of mobilizing the warriors in prayer and praise, they’ve seen many miracles.  EXAMPLE: a torrential rain was forecast to bring flooding to the whole region.  He mobilized the prayer, and the city was spared: there was flooding all around, but NOT in the city! 

I had planned on returning home by Wednesday the 16th, but decided to stay on and get more done at Dad’s house.  God opened up doors to minister in Quemado and in Big Lake.  It is amazing how God directs our paths and to see how He opens effectual doors!

Sunday, the 20th, I ministered at the First Baptist Church in Quemado, TX with my good friends Pastors Brouning and Juanita LentzBrouning is a graduate of the prophetic school in Acuña. I did a prophetic training there a couple of years ago, so it was good to follow up with them.   We had several visitors, including Bob King, the pastor of the Assembly of God church in town, another pastor from Indio, TX, and quite a few from Eagle Pass.  I was able to prophesy to everyone who stayed.  Some mentioned to me that it was a divine appointment for them.

With my Dad, Bob Bell, and my two lovely sisters

Monday, the 21st I drove up to Seymour and spent that afternoon and Tuesday with my Dad and sisters.

Wednesday I drove over to Big Lake, TX and ministered Wednesday and Thursday at an Assembly of God church with Pastor Olmedo Tirone.  They received me with much openness.  I couldn’t do much in two evenings, especially since the services were bilingual (I served as my own interpreter).  But God challenged them to rise up to a new level and expanded their vision for what He would have them do to accomplish His purpose.

Thursday night in Big Lake the Lord healed a lot of people as I led them to minister one to another.  The best part was I was able to lead one of people God healed, an older gentleman, to receive salvation!

On Friday I drove back as far as Del Rio, and Saturday I drove home, taking the route along Highway 83 to avoid the rains of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey was a non-event as far as the Rio Grande Valley.  It did not even rain here though just 2 1/2 hours north / northeast of here is Corpus Christi and Rockport which got slammed with the winds and storm surge.   North and northeast of us was literally inundated with unprecedented and torrential rain. We are grateful we had no problems here, but are very aware of the need to pray and to help those who lost so much because of the storm.

This slideshow has some miscellaneous shots I took along the way I thought you might enjoy!

There’s so much going on these days! If you’ve been affected by some kind of storm, whether that storm be natural and weather related, emotional, physical, or financial, Dianne and I pray the Lord will keep you, strengthen you, protect you, provide for you and help you to keep your eyes on Him.  He is ever faithful! We can trust in Him, in His love and faithfulness!   Regardless of what it looks like at the moment, He WILL work ALL things together for our good and for His glory!

We thank you for your prayers and financial support which make this ministry possible! For those who prefer to give online, we now have a link to our PayPal donation page direct from our website. 

Awakening NOW and Reformation in our lifetime!!!


Cliff Bell

Breaking through in Colombia

Discernment Seminar in Bogota

Dear Friends,

In July I made an extended trip to Colombia where I ministered in Barrancabermeja and in Bogotá.

In Barrancabermeja, I ministered at the Central Foursquare Church pastored by Abigail (Mlacker) Perez.  She and her husband Frank are doing an excellent job in promoting present truth in the region.  The church was celebrating their 70th anniversary and launching a new praise and worship CD!    It was an honor to minister for them and release a fresh word from God.

It had been a few years since my last visit to Barrancabermeja, so it was a joy to catch up with all God has done with them.  God gave me a message to encourage them, to restore their identity as warriors, and for the congregation to transition from an audience to an army!   The people responded really well!  I prophesied to well over 100 people including all of the leaders and pastoral staff.    It was a powerful time of impartation, building, and encouraging the Body of Christ.

After Barrancabemeja, I flew back to Bogota and spent the first two nights with my hosts, Prophets Diego and Liliana Pelaez and their two boys, Simon and Pablo.  They are a beautiful family who are part of the CIGN under my covering.  Diego and Liliana are doing a great job raising up a church and prophetic school.   We enjoyed catching up and sharing what God is doing in our lives.

The next night, Wednesday, I ministered at a local church called Misión Berakah.   As I entered the church I could discern a strong oppression hanging over the congregation. They are located in one of the rougher areas of the city where there is a lot of crime, drugs, prostitution, witchcraft, etc.  I ministered that night on joy and hope, restoring our identity as victors rather than victims.  Diego and Liliana joined me in forming a prophetic team as we ministered to everyone present.   The congregation responded very well, and there were many tears of joy as the Lord spoke to their hearts.

Seminar in Bogota

Thursday through Saturday I taught a prophetic training seminar on discernment. Specially, how to discern between the prophetic and divination, how the spirits of divination (python) and witchcraft disguise themselves and contaminate the prophetic.  God is purifying the river of the prophetic, and there were many times of repentance as the biblical standard was raised.  

Prophets Diego and Liliana, as well as Apostle Roosevelt Muriel and others present were so impressed they asked me to return and bring the same teaching to three other key cities in Colombia.  They shared with me how this teaching directly but lovingly confronts deceptions, and in many cases even blatant demonic practices prevalent in many churches in Colombia.

We had pastors and leaders from several departments (regions) of Colombia as well as one man who came all the way from Belo Horizonte, Brazil just to attend the training.   The teachings were broadcast live and remain on YouTube (Spanish only).  So I am believing these videos will help many others.

Sunday I ministered at Ap. Roosevelt Muriel’s church, Jesucristo Vive Hoy Para Las Naciones.  God gave me a specific word for the church, then I was able to prophesy and minister to most of his leaders and several others.

I was blessed that God gave me the opportunity to also minister to an employee of the hostel where I stayed the last few days. Her name is Leila and had recently moved to Bogota from Cartagena.  Since the front gates are always locked for security purposes, we had a few opportunities to chat while waiting for my rides to the church.  I was able to connect her with Ap Roosevelt’s church as it is close by, and prophesy to her.

Cliff & Dianne Bell

Dianne and I thank you for your prayers and support which help make this ministry possible. I am honored to represent Christian International and to establish present truth and build the church in Latin America.

If have not done so already, I ask you to prayerfully consider making Cliff Bell Family Ministries a part of your missions giving.   I believe this is good soil and together we can make a difference!   For your convenience, we now have a link to PayPal available on our website for those who wish to give online.

Together we can do more!


Pentecost in Piedras Negras


Me and my Dad, Bob Bell

The last days of May and first days of June I did a ministry tour in Del Rio, Ciudad Acuña, and Piedras Negras, Coahuila. I first visited my Dad, Missionary Bob Bell, and spent a few days working with him on some projects.  I was there for the 2nd anniversary of Mom’s homegoing.  I didn’t want him to be alone.  I am glad I could be there and spend some time with him.  I also got to minister to some other missionaries, Vic and Denise Wheaton who run a ministry on both sides of the border.

The ministry started off by ministering Thursday night to the students of the ECAP prophetic school, led by Apostle Eduardo Ruiz.  They combined all the classes from Piedras Negras, Acuña and Nava. They actually opened up the meetings to everyone, so we had a packed crowd!  Afterward  I organized prophetic teams with the prophetic school graduates and students to help me minister later that weekend!

On Friday night I ministered in Ciudad Acuña at the El Buen Pastor Methodist Church with Pastor Jose Luis Treviño.   This was my first time to minister at this particular church.  They people were so hungry for God.  I prophesied to quite a few. At the end of the service 70 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!  This was just the beginning for an amazing Pentecost Sunday Weekend!

Saturday I ministered to approximately 20 Methodist pastors from Piedras Negras, their families and leaders, about 80 people in all.  The first objective was to teach them on stewarding the move of the Holy Spirit in their churches. They had asked me to come because many in their congregations have been receiving visions, dreams and prophetic words.  So I was able to help them with that.

Afterward, the teams we formed Thursday night came and we ministered to all 80 people, plus a few more in about 90 minutes. The ECAP teams did such a fantastic job! I was so pleased!  The Lord moved on the hearts of those ministered to.  One of the Methodist pastors who had formerly been opposed to the prophetic opened his heart.

On Sunday morning I ministered for the San Pablo Methodist church in Piedras Negras.  This was the very same church where I started ministering in Mexico in January of 1999!  Since then the church has gone through many changes, but they have kept a love for the things of the Holy Spirit.

That afternoon we had a combined service with ALL the Methodist churches in the area. I’m not sure how many people were there, I’m guessing close to 500.   Since it was Pentecost Sunday I ministered on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  We had close to 200 people come forward and receive!!!  Wow!  What a way to celebrate Pentecost!   To see the slider with pictures, click on the link to see this on my blog.

As always, Dianne and I are so grateful to you for your prayers and support.  It truly makes the difference.   Financially, this last trip was a sowing trip (the offering covered my trip expenses and little more), but the fruit was so very much worth it!


Cliff Bell

God is Moving in Mexico City!

Well over 100 were filled with the Holy Spirit!

In mid May I went to Mexico City where I taught a prophetic training class called Intense Prophetic Training. We had a large number attend from various states: Estado de México, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Yucatán, Hidalgo, and others.   This course is designed to introduce the prophetic and to establish the foundation.  We deal with heart issues, relationship with others, and protocol as well learning how to hear God’s voice and minister to others.

We had a special session for pastors prior to the seminar and I was able to minister prophetically to some of them, but focused on a general prophetic word for all because of time constraints.

During the prophetic training I gave an invitation for those who who had never yet received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and we had well over 100 people come forward! It never ceases to amaze me how many believers go to churches that believe in the baptism of the Holy spirit and in Five-Fold Ministry yet have never received the Holy Spirit baptism!

The Sunday after the training I ministered in the church for my host, Pastor Eduardo Aceves. The worship and arts teams did a most beautiful job!  There was a precious anointing. We had about 12 people come forward to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Then I prophesied to quite a few people.  Among those I prophesied to was one of the men who came forward to give his heart to the Lord.  When he told me his name, I realized he may be related to the pastor!  It turns out he was the pastors’ brother!   There was much rejoicing both in Heaven and on earth!

 I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…  This ministry depends largely on donations from people like you.  Yes, God is our Source, and He has never failed us!  Yet if you are not already, I encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming a partner with us!   Your prayers and financial support make a huge difference in reaching the nations! 



Spring Forward with the Spirit!

In April I was privileged to minister for Pastor Walter Gomez at Nueva Imagen Community Church in Mission, TX.  It just happened to be his birthday, so the timing worked out great!  What a blessing!

Then I taught a prophetic training in San Benito, TX at The Hub with Pastor Pamela Neeley.   It was fun to be able to minister in English for a change!.   

A group shot from the training at The Hub in San Benito, TX

I taught on detecting the difference between the spirit of prophecy and the spirit of divination.  Host Pastor Pamela Neeley told me it was exactly what they needed and that they all learned and grew a lot.

In Pharr, Texas I ministered at New Hope Church with Pastors Omar and Yolanda Hinojosa.  Dianne joined me and sensed the same as I did that the enemy had stolen their identity and their hope.  So I ministered on renewed hope and our identity in Christ.   Pastor Omar was happy with the ministry and told me afterward that he felt like he got his life back!  Praise the Lord!

With the praise and dance team from Chiapas!

In Chetumal, Quintana Roo, I ministered for the national conference of the Open Bible Churches. This is a Pentecostal denomination which broke away from the Foursquare Church many years ago.  We also had a large delegation from Chiapas who brought their whole worship team!  I gave them an introduction to the prophetic movement and had to plow through some old mindsets.

The first night we had about 150 people come forward and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The main pastors and leaders were very receptive to the teaching.  Vince McCarty, the international missions director for the Church of the Open Bible, was present,  and also seemed very pleased.  He and I had some good conversations during the breaks.

The pastors received more teaching as there were special sessions for them.  On Sunday morning I had a time of questions and answers before ministering to them.  I was able to prophesy to all the pastors and their families as well as a number of other people.   The regional leader, Pastor Rufino Alfaro of Chetumal, talked with me about the possibility of returning to do a  full prophetic training.

I had to stay an extra day since there were no flights out on Monday.  I had the joy of seeing a cenote and the beautiful Laguna de los Siete Colores (Lake of Seven Colors) in nearby Bacalar.

As always, your prayers and support are valued and appreciated!



March Winds Bring Warfare …and Victories

The Month of March I traveled more than usual. I was only at home eight days.  I wound up in Yucatán, California, New Jersey, and the Dominican Republic!

With Bishop Hamon and the CIGN regional apostolic leaders from Latin America

March 2-6 I started in Merida, Yucatán. The meetings went super well, but not without some spiritual warfare. As I was boarding the plane from Houston to Merida I received an urgent text message from Angela requesting prayer for Dianne who was in distress.  It turned out to be a full blown migraine attack complete with dizziness, blurred vision and speech, nausea, seeing lights, etc.   I started praying immediately.   That was on my heart and mind throughout the flight and weekend.  It actually took about a week for Dianne to get back to normal.   I was grateful our girls were able to step up to pray, intercede and take care of Dianne while I could not.

With Dianne on my heart, I hit the ground running in Merida.  I had about 30 minutes at the hotel to refresh before going straight to the Amistad Cristiana Church where I ministered that night for Pastor José Miguel González with whom we are building relationship.   It is amazing how the God’s grace covers us in such times.   The Lord sort of took over, and His anointing was strong that night as I delivered the Word of the Lord to the church.

At Ministerios Nasas with CIGN Pastors Francisco and Lety Camino, I taught a workshop on prophetic evangelism. You can only imagine how much the devil hates that!  No wonder the warfare going into was intense!  The meetings were well attended and we had a few people from other churches

It is always wonderful to see the passion for souls ignite in believers’ eyes. And when they begin to realize how they can use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to open up unbelievers’ hearts, it is amazing.   My only regret is we didn’t have time to go out for me to lead them in prophetic evangelism teams.  So I charged Pastor Francisco to set up times to do so.

With Pastor Francisco Camino and pastors from Ciudad del Carmen

When I arrived home from Merida I had only a couple of days to regroup before leaving for California. In Los Angeles I had the privilege of officiating a wedding and also ministering at Roca Eterna Church with CI Pastors Ignacio and Rosie Torres.  It went by like a whirlwind! Before leaving for the Dominican Republic via New Jersey, I managed to fit in a date night with Dianne!  

In Newark, so I ministered in Middletown for my good friend Apostle Carlos Lopez who has a church there.  I had not been since shortly after Hurricane Sandy went through.  While the congregation is small, the services are broadcast online.  So the online audience is much larger.  I arrived on Saturday, and ministered on Sunday.  I formed a prophetic team with my long time friends, Michael and Karen McClellan, and we prophesied to all those in attendance.   The meeting was attended by several pastors, chaplains and Apostle Vincent Fusco from Connecticut.   It was great to be a part of what God is doing there! On Monday I enjoyed helping Carlos with some handyman projects and fellowshipping with his family.

Tuesday, March 21st I flew to the Dominican Republic.  It was my first time there, and I was thrilled to join Bishop Hamon, Prophet Edgar Iraheta, Prophet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens, Apostles Luis Aquino (of CI El Salvador) and our hosts Jorge and Jenny Reynoso.  We were there for strategic CIGN Latin America planning meetings (much was accomplished, praise the Lord!).

We also took part in a conference with key ministers who serve all over Central and South America and the Caribbean under the Reynoso’s supervision.   I was happy to practice my Portuguese with the Brazilian delegation! I helped with translation for portions of the conference and also ministered some.  I especially enjoyed having the interaction with Bishop and with Jim and Judy Stevens (that doesn’t happen very frequently).

Pastor Nelson Arias from El Olivar Church in Santo Domingo

That Sunday I ministered at El Olivar Church in Santo Domingo.   One of the men I prophesied to was visiting the church for the first time. It was a divine appointment! He was so moved by God’s message to him that I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord that day!  His name is Anthony. All the reports from that trip have been very positive, and I look forward to returning next year!

In spite of some unusual spiritual warfare, I am excited at what God has in store for us, and excited to be a part of what God is doing in Latin America.   I am glad you are also a part as you support us with your prayers and financial giving.  We couldn’t do it without you. 



Baja Blessings and Multiplication

In my last update I shared of God’s protection through a roll-over accident. What I didn’t get to share was the actual ministry reports…

The ministry tour started by flying to San Diego where CIGN Mexico Pastor Guillermo Ramírez picked me up. We drove straight to Ensenada where I was greeted by several pastors from the ministerial alliance who welcomed me to the city. That was a first, and it shows how the Lord is opening doors of favor and of influence.

The training in Ensenada went really well!  The focus in Ensenada was to raise up prophetic teams in the Hijos del Reino church. Pastor Guillermo had prepared the people, and they responded excellently.  The last day we formed teams which ministered and then I was able to provide feedback.  But honestly, they did great and didn’t need many pointers. It was amazing to see the people ministered to and how God touched their lives!

Several from the church joined me the next couple of nights in Vicente Guerrero in the San Quintín Valley and ministered with me to a packed church.

After the two nights in San Quintín, we drove to Guerrero Negro. That was the day of the accident (see my previous post). In spite of the accident, I was able to minister without interruption to the schedule. We had another packed house that night as I delivered the Word of the Lord.  Christian led a time of anointed worship with a borrowed guitar.  Bernaldino was the only one who was unable to join us in team ministry that night.

The next day we got a ride from some friends who took us to Mulegé where we had another prophetic training event. We had 16 pastors from all over the state, coming from as far as La Paz (8 hours away) and a record breaking attendance for any Christian event.  This is a really big deal as Baja California Sur is big and sparcely populated.  Many pastors had distanced themselves from the prophetic because of untrained and/immature prophets who misrepresented God’s heart.

All the pastors were ministered to prophetically everywhere I went:  Ensenada, San Quintin, Guerrero Negro, Mulege and Loreto.  I was so happy that the team from Ensenada was able to help me minister prophetically and not all fell on me. I am grateful that we are seeing a multiplication!

After several days in Mulegé I flew back home from Loreto, but not before ministering to another pastoral family who lives there.

Upon returning home I also ministered in Reynosa at a church called Aposento Alto (Upper Room) pastored by a young man named Emmanuel González.  Pastor Emmanuel is doing a great job building a new church plant in an area filled with violence and witchcraft.  Reynosa has been hard hit by violence in recent months as there is infighting among the cartel members.  It takes a special kind of perseverance to remain and minister there. I am now working with him as he is seeking connection with CIGN Mexico.   Your prayers for this young church plant are greatly appreciated.



Divine Protection in Baja

February 8, 2017 the Lord was with us!

My 2 week ministry tour to Baja California in February was amazing in so many ways! There was lots of spiritual warfare, but also many victories.  So much happened it’s difficult to know where to start.

Those of you who connect with me on Facebook already know the big story.  On February 8th at 10:30 AM Pacific Time, while traveling from San Quintín to Guerrero Negro we had a roll-over accident.  We were driving in a Ford Expedition heading south, near a place called Punta Prieta (still in Baja California Norte).

The road is quite narrow and has many potholes which apparently stressed the tires (which could have been in better condition).  The back right tire finally had enough and blew out, causing the vehicle to begin to lose control. Our driver, Bernaldino, was surely helped by the Lord to narrowly avoid a head on collision. Then the right front tire fell off the pavement (there was a drop off of about 10 to 12 inches). This caused the back of the vehicle to pivot 90 degrees, then we rolled a complete 360, landing right side up with the nose of the vehicle near the middle line of the highway and the back tires off the pavement.

We had been listening to praise music and chatting.  As soon as the tire blew I started praying in tongues. All four of us (Pastor Guillermo Ramírez and a young man named Christian Lewis in the back seat, Bernardino and myself in the front) all testify to God’s Presence and peace being with us.

Just about five minutes prior to the accident, Guillermo noticed he and Christian did not have their seat belts on, and felt an urgency to put his on and tell Christian to do so also. Culturally, in Mexico, many are not accustomed to wearing seat belts while in the back seat.  So that was a big deal. Thankfully, Guillermo did as he was led to do.  It may well have saved his life and the life of Christian.

About 14 years ago someone gave Dianne a ring with a message saying the Lord impressed on them to give her the ring so that she would always know God would take care of me while I travel. She doesn’t put it on every day, but she had put it on that morning.  Several times that morning she looked at the ring and thanked God for taking care of me.  I know her prayers and yours are a reason no one got seriously injured.

Though we were covered with bits of glass, all four of us got out of the car with only bumps and bruises. Bernaldino was the only one who was bleeding from a cut on his scalp where the car roof smashed in.  He got some stitches the next morning.   I did have some sore muscles on the left side of my neck from when we were slammed towards my right.  So I was a “stiff necked” person for a few days, but it’s back to normal now.

There was no cell phone service for miles, so Guillermo hitched a ride to the closest phone to call for help.  The tow truck and police arrived.  Both were very courteous and helpful.  Many people driving by stopped to make sure we were OK.  Other than the car itself, the biggest loss was that Christian’s guitar was broken (he just bought it a few months ago).  So he had to use a loaner as he led worship for us in Guerrero Negro and in Mulegé.  I’m believing the Lord will supply him another and better guitar than what he had before!

Bernaldino rode with the policeman to the place where the Expedition was being towed and was able to share the Gospel with the policeman on the way. So a seed was sown in the midst of the crisis. Christian and I rode in the cab of the tow truck.  Amazingly there were no charges filed.

The Ford Expedition (I think it was a 2002) was loaned to us by our good friend, Dr. Luis Lojas. I have not yet heard what the insurance situation is, but I’m trusting God for full restitution for him.

Some people from Guerrero Negro came to pick us up and took us on in to town where they were waiting for us with a feast of grilled mutton. I’m talking a whole sheep dressed out on a spit spinning over a fire… After the meal I had just enough time to get ready to minister that night.

Honestly, I’m still processing the events of that morning… I don’t understand why the accident, but know God’s Hand was with us powerfully throughout the whole thing.  Had we collided with the other SUV it surely would have had another ending.  By the way, they turned around, came back and offered help as  did the driver of the 18 wheeler behind us.  They were shocked we were not seriously injured.

We praise God for His protection and mercy and rejoice that even though it slowed us down a bit on our schedule, we did not miss one ministry engagement but were able to fulfill everything God sent us to do.  He is ever faithful!!!

A late lunch and reception in Guerrero Negro

So glad Christian put on his seat belt!







This shows how much your prayers are important all the time.  I’d be interested to know if any of you remember praying especially for us that morning…

I ministered that night to a full house



January 2017 Ministry Report

Dear Friends,

Ministering the Word

In January I ministered in McAllen, Saltillo, Monterrey and Reynosa. Besides McAllen, Texas,  the rest are all cities in the northern Mexican states of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.

In McAllen I ministered the word of the Lord for 2017 to a group of pastors and leaders convened by my friend, Dr. Steven Benavides. I also prophesied over each of them. I could sense a growing hunger for the Word of the Lord in those present.

I was in Saltillo January 13-15 where I led a prophetic evangelism seminar for the Restauración Methodist Church. We had a good sized group from several area churches in attendance.  The church’s new pastor was so impressed he has registered to attend the prophetic school.

That Sunday I ministered both at the Restauración Church and for the graduation of our CI Prophetic School there taught by Prophetess Mary Carmen Padilla. It was a blessing to hear the testimonies of the graduates!  Here are some pictures of some of them:

From Saltillo I went to Monterrey where during the week I met with several pastors and leaders. Friday and Saturday was the prophetic conference for La Trinidad Methodist Church with speakers Kerry Kirkwood and myself.  I was so blessed to hear Kerry Kirkwood!  He has three books I highly recommend:  The Power of Blessing, The Power of Covenant, and The Power of Imagination.  We had many churches and pastors take part in the conference.

The theme of the conference in Monterrey was “prophetic decrees”. There is a lot of confusion regarding this topic.  Both Kerry and I brought a biblical perspective as to what a decree is (a command, an order). Most believers are more familiar with the concepts of binding and loosing, but even then often abuse it.  It was brought out that just as with binding and loosing, we can only biblically decree that which has already been decreed by God in Heaven.  We go by what God has said in His Word, and also by prophetic revelation.  At the end of the conference I asked pastors to come forward and to pray and decree what they hear God saying over their city.  It was a powerful time. 

On the Wednesday prior to the conference the city of Monterrey was shaken by a school shooting. A young boy shot three classmates and his teacher, then killed himself.  I believe this caused people to be more aware of the need for spiritual warfare and to be involved in prayer for their city.  Sunday after the conference, while ministering at two of the services, I had the privilege of ministering to a young boy who was present at the shooting and whose best friend was shot.  At the time I didn’t know this but the Lord gave me a word which addressed it directly and encouraged him to speak life into situations of death.

As I met with people to whom I had ministered before there were so many testimonies of how God’s Word had been fulfilled in their lives!  

Saturday the 28th I went to Reynosa to help lead activations for our prophetic school there (also taught by Mary Carmen Padilla!).   We had a blessed time, and afterwards I was able to fellowship with the team.  I am so impressed with all the team.  They are truly doing a great job.

I am grateful to all those of you are our team of support. Your prayers and offerings help make this ministry possible.  Dianne and I bless you in Jesus’ Name!

Cliff Bell