March Winds Bring Warfare …and Victories

The Month of March I traveled more than usual. I was only at home eight days.  I wound up in Yucatán, California, New Jersey, and the Dominican Republic!

With Bishop Hamon and the CIGN regional apostolic leaders from Latin America

March 2-6 I started in Merida, Yucatán. The meetings went super well, but not without some spiritual warfare. As I was boarding the plane from Houston to Merida I received an urgent text message from Angela requesting prayer for Dianne who was in distress.  It turned out to be a full blown migraine attack complete with dizziness, blurred vision and speech, nausea, seeing lights, etc.   I started praying immediately.   That was on my heart and mind throughout the flight and weekend.  It actually took about a week for Dianne to get back to normal.   I was grateful our girls were able to step up to pray, intercede and take care of Dianne while I could not.

With Dianne on my heart, I hit the ground running in Merida.  I had about 30 minutes at the hotel to refresh before going straight to the Amistad Cristiana Church where I ministered that night for Pastor José Miguel González with whom we are building relationship.   It is amazing how the God’s grace covers us in such times.   The Lord sort of took over, and His anointing was strong that night as I delivered the Word of the Lord to the church.

At Ministerios Nasas with CIGN Pastors Francisco and Lety Camino, I taught a workshop on prophetic evangelism. You can only imagine how much the devil hates that!  No wonder the warfare going into was intense!  The meetings were well attended and we had a few people from other churches

It is always wonderful to see the passion for souls ignite in believers’ eyes. And when they begin to realize how they can use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to open up unbelievers’ hearts, it is amazing.   My only regret is we didn’t have time to go out for me to lead them in prophetic evangelism teams.  So I charged Pastor Francisco to set up times to do so.

With Pastor Francisco Camino and pastors from Ciudad del Carmen

When I arrived home from Merida I had only a couple of days to regroup before leaving for California. In Los Angeles I had the privilege of officiating a wedding and also ministering at Roca Eterna Church with CI Pastors Ignacio and Rosie Torres.  It went by like a whirlwind! Before leaving for the Dominican Republic via New Jersey, I managed to fit in a date night with Dianne!  

In Newark, so I ministered in Middletown for my good friend Apostle Carlos Lopez who has a church there.  I had not been since shortly after Hurricane Sandy went through.  While the congregation is small, the services are broadcast online.  So the online audience is much larger.  I arrived on Saturday, and ministered on Sunday.  I formed a prophetic team with my long time friends, Michael and Karen McClellan, and we prophesied to all those in attendance.   The meeting was attended by several pastors, chaplains and Apostle Vincent Fusco from Connecticut.   It was great to be a part of what God is doing there! On Monday I enjoyed helping Carlos with some handyman projects and fellowshipping with his family.

Tuesday, March 21st I flew to the Dominican Republic.  It was my first time there, and I was thrilled to join Bishop Hamon, Prophet Edgar Iraheta, Prophet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens, Apostles Luis Aquino (of CI El Salvador) and our hosts Jorge and Jenny Reynoso.  We were there for strategic CIGN Latin America planning meetings (much was accomplished, praise the Lord!).

We also took part in a conference with key ministers who serve all over Central and South America and the Caribbean under the Reynoso’s supervision.   I was happy to practice my Portuguese with the Brazilian delegation! I helped with translation for portions of the conference and also ministered some.  I especially enjoyed having the interaction with Bishop and with Jim and Judy Stevens (that doesn’t happen very frequently).

Pastor Nelson Arias from El Olivar Church in Santo Domingo

That Sunday I ministered at El Olivar Church in Santo Domingo.   One of the men I prophesied to was visiting the church for the first time. It was a divine appointment! He was so moved by God’s message to him that I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord that day!  His name is Anthony. All the reports from that trip have been very positive, and I look forward to returning next year!

In spite of some unusual spiritual warfare, I am excited at what God has in store for us, and excited to be a part of what God is doing in Latin America.   I am glad you are also a part as you support us with your prayers and financial giving.  We couldn’t do it without you. 



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