Latin American Church in Montreal – Going to New Levels!

This post includes a report of my recent trip to Montreal, Canada where I was able to train prophetic teams!  There is also some exciting news regarding my upcoming trip Venezuela and news of the CI Prophetic School opening up in Monterrey, Mexico! 

On Monday I returned from Montreal, Canada where I ministered at Ministerios Restauración, with Apostles Byron and Xiomara Quevedo.   I’ve enjoyed a great friendship with the Quevedos since 1997 and have ministered for them on a number of occasions.  They have a growing and dynamic church among the 75,000 plus Latino population in Montreal, and are also becoming increasingly influential among the French and English speaking population.

Restauracion ChurchFulfillment of Prophecy

Ministering in this church I am still amazed at how the Lord fulfilled a prophetic word I gave them a few years ago and placed them in a beautiful cathedral in the arts district providing them immense visibility and credibility in the community.  It is a magnificent building!  But what is inside is what counts!  They are blessed with quality inside and out. 

Live Feed to the Nations2013-5-Montreal 2 156

This church in Montreal is the mother church of the Restauración Network.  The services were transmitted live via Internet to their other locations where congregations gathered to receive the ministry in several countries!  I love it when that is possible!

249554_511309912232232_33706346_nMinistry Focus

This was an amazing and fruitful trip! The ministry had two focuses.  The first was to deliver a series of messages the Lord gave me for the church to take them to the next levelThe second was to train prophetic ministry teams – actually, to train the trainers.

Resistance cropped up

During especially significant ministry there is often significant resistance.  This time it was more personal than usual.  Friday morning I suddenly experienced severe pain in my back, like a pinched nerve or pulled muscle.  The Lord helped me get through.  Apostle Byron helped me do some stretches which helped some.  However, as I 2013-5-Montreal 2 157ministered there were moments when the pain would shoot through my back and it took my breath away.  I remembered what Bishop Hamon said when he came to Mexico with a fractured rib, “It’s only pain.”  So I pressed through.  Thank you, Bishop, for your example!  I was able to finish my assignment!


God has my back…. Literally!

When I had the chance to call home I found out Dianne started experiencing the same pain in the same place at the same time…  Hmmm…  That’s unusual.  I didn’t get to write my usual intercessor team because my computer would not connect to the Internet…  That’s also unusual.  My daughter Angela notified Christy Pearce who heads up several prayer teams.  I was able to use my iPad and request prayer on Facebook.  Within a short time I had hundreds of people praying for me.  While the pain did not leave completely, I did experience significant relief for which I thank God and all those who prayed!  I was able to continue the rest of the weekend with only some minor discomfort.

Prophetic Team Training

Prophetess Susana Mora of Ministerios Restauración has been faithfully working with the church providing prophetic training. She selected a group for team training.  Since my time would be limited to working with them only on Saturday morning, I sent my material up a few days prior so all those participating could study it before I arrived.   I reviewed the material with them and answered questions. The time went so fast, but they soaked up everything like sponges!   As we broke for lunch we divided everyone into five teams which were to minister that night for the first time!   There were some last minute practical instructions as everyone learned how to use their digital voice recorders.

2013-5-Montreal 2 161Saturday night Corporate Ministry

Saturday night we had a special meeting with approximately 200 leaders / servants in the church.  I ministered a corporate word to them and shared some personal stories to encourage them.  There was a beautiful anointing present as the Lord both dealt with heart issues and ministered encouragement to them.

Prophetic Teams Activated!

Afterwards while I ministered to 20 people selected by Apostle Byron the prophetic teams ministered to approximately 180 people.   I was so pleased with the prophetic teams!  They did wonderfully, and flowed like they had been doing it for years!  Everyone was ministered to!  (Later I ministered to the team members!).   The idea is that the five teams will eventually be prophetic team leaders as they develop more 2013-5-Montreal 2 167teams.  They are definitely reproducers of reproducers who reproduce reproducers!

First Fruits Sunday – Message on Restoration

Sunday’s service was especially anointed.  It was Pentecost (First Fruits) Sunday, and each church member brought a proof of their faith and named what it is they believe God will do in the next season.  The Lord gave me a prophetic word based on Joel 2:25-27, how God will restore the years the locust has eaten.  The Lord gave me special insight to apply to their church and lives.  I prophesied some of the things I sensed God was saying – including that there would be reunion and reconciliation in families.

One Immediate Testimony of Family Restoration!

On Monday I received a testimony from a man named Felipe who was present.  He said that as he heard the word of family reconciliation and restoration he knew it was for him.  He has a 23 year old son whom he has never seen and who lives in Australia.  They found each other on Facebook that day!  He is so grateful that the Lord can restore families!  That was a fast answer!  I am expecting many more testimonies in the weeks and months ahead!2013-5-Montreal 2 165

Please keep praying!

This week I will be preparing for my 3 week trip to Venezuela in June.  I appreciate your prayers for that trip: both during the preparation as well as throughout the trip.  This will be the longest ministry trip I’ve had away from my family.   I’ll get home just in time for our 25th wedding anniversary (June 25th)!  I believe God is going to bring some major breakthrough both for the nation of Venezuela as well as for Dianne and our family!

Prophetic School in Monterrey, Mexico

The Prophetic School in Monterrey had a pre-seminar on May 11th which was a great success!  The actual school starts June 8th. Since I will be in Venezuela at that time I sent a video to welcome the students.  So please be praying for Prophet Mary Carmen Padilla as she represents CIGN Mexico and works with people from various area churches.

Thank you for being a part!



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