2016 Year in Review

Dear Friends,

Can you feel CHANGE in the air? Prophets have proclaimed 2017 to be the Year of the Sword of the Lord. Spiritual warfare has intensified over the USA and in the nations of the world.

Following President Trump’s inauguration, there are many changes taking place in the USA. I am excited for the restrictions on the altars of Molech, the killing of the unborn! At the same time, I am watching carefully the changes our new President brings to the relationship between the USA and Mexico. The USA never fully implemented NAFTA, and now that is to be redefined. Mexicans are uneasy about the changes. I am praying the Lord gives President Trump wisdom, for God’s will to be accomplished, and that it will not have an adverse effect on my ability to minister in Mexico.

We, as a family and as a ministry have already seen many changes since we moved to the Rio Grande Valley 15 years ago. At that time, all my contacts were in NE Mexico, so our location here gave us easy access to those destinations. Now, my ministry trips take me all over Mexico as well as to countries throughout Latin America.  I have been to all but three of the 31 states in Mexico alone.   I now travel more by air than by highways. The cartel violence has made travel by road dangerous and not an option in most cases.

Showing the distance between Edinburg and Houston. It’s a 6 to 7 hour drive. When flying it requires an additional flight each way.

The Lord has spoken to us and confirmed through several prophetic words, including a key word through Bishop Hamon that we are to make a geographical move. So we are making preparation to do so, hopefully this year. We are considering the Houston area where I would be close to a hub airport. Please pray with us for the Lord’s direction as we desire to be divinely positioned by His Hand for future effectiveness.

2016 also brought some challenges. Among them, Dianne’s identity was stolen. Credit cards were applied for by several people we do not know using her information. Dianne has spent many hours online and on the phone dealing with that to apply protections to her credit. We are expectant as prophets have proclaimed this is the year for breakthrough, and to see setbacks become setups for victory!

Joy on their faces!

Last year the Lord brought expansion in the prophetic schools I oversee. This year I was able to be at the graduations in Acuña, Monterrey, Saltillo, Reynosa, and Del Rio. It is thrilling to see a new generation be equipped and rise up to be a prophetic people and voice to their nation! Let the reformers arise!

A couple of months ago, I did a prophetic training at an amazing church in the mining town of Hercules, Coahuila. They had very little, but shared freely what they had. The members opened up their homes for those coming from out of town and fed everyone three meals a day, at no charge. They saved and planned for months to do it. The seminar registration was only 50 pesos ($2.38 USD). Among those who attended and who were activated in the prophetic were several pastors, including a young couple the host church had prepared and sent to plant a new work in another town. It was a joy to minister in good soil!

Interpreting for Bishop Hamon in Guadalajara

Another highlight in 2016 was bringing in Bishop Hamon to Guadalajara for a conference with over 600 people, including hundreds of pastors from all over Mexico and other nations. The Lord is raising up His army, and we are glad to be a part!

Dianne and I are so grateful to you! Your support is more important than ever since the peso devalued from 13.5X1 to 21X1. You enable us to continue to minister in Latin America. Thank you!

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Cliff and Dianne Bell

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