January 2017 Ministry Report

Dear Friends,

Ministering the Word

In January I ministered in McAllen, Saltillo, Monterrey and Reynosa. Besides McAllen, Texas,  the rest are all cities in the northern Mexican states of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.

In McAllen I ministered the word of the Lord for 2017 to a group of pastors and leaders convened by my friend, Dr. Steven Benavides. I also prophesied over each of them. I could sense a growing hunger for the Word of the Lord in those present.

I was in Saltillo January 13-15 where I led a prophetic evangelism seminar for the Restauración Methodist Church. We had a good sized group from several area churches in attendance.  The church’s new pastor was so impressed he has registered to attend the prophetic school.

That Sunday I ministered both at the Restauración Church and for the graduation of our CI Prophetic School there taught by Prophetess Mary Carmen Padilla. It was a blessing to hear the testimonies of the graduates!  Here are some pictures of some of them:

From Saltillo I went to Monterrey where during the week I met with several pastors and leaders. Friday and Saturday was the prophetic conference for La Trinidad Methodist Church with speakers Kerry Kirkwood and myself.  I was so blessed to hear Kerry Kirkwood!  He has three books I highly recommend:  The Power of Blessing, The Power of Covenant, and The Power of Imagination.  We had many churches and pastors take part in the conference.

The theme of the conference in Monterrey was “prophetic decrees”. There is a lot of confusion regarding this topic.  Both Kerry and I brought a biblical perspective as to what a decree is (a command, an order). Most believers are more familiar with the concepts of binding and loosing, but even then often abuse it.  It was brought out that just as with binding and loosing, we can only biblically decree that which has already been decreed by God in Heaven.  We go by what God has said in His Word, and also by prophetic revelation.  At the end of the conference I asked pastors to come forward and to pray and decree what they hear God saying over their city.  It was a powerful time. 

On the Wednesday prior to the conference the city of Monterrey was shaken by a school shooting. A young boy shot three classmates and his teacher, then killed himself.  I believe this caused people to be more aware of the need for spiritual warfare and to be involved in prayer for their city.  Sunday after the conference, while ministering at two of the services, I had the privilege of ministering to a young boy who was present at the shooting and whose best friend was shot.  At the time I didn’t know this but the Lord gave me a word which addressed it directly and encouraged him to speak life into situations of death.

As I met with people to whom I had ministered before there were so many testimonies of how God’s Word had been fulfilled in their lives!  

Saturday the 28th I went to Reynosa to help lead activations for our prophetic school there (also taught by Mary Carmen Padilla!).   We had a blessed time, and afterwards I was able to fellowship with the team.  I am so impressed with all the team.  They are truly doing a great job.

I am grateful to all those of you are our team of support. Your prayers and offerings help make this ministry possible.  Dianne and I bless you in Jesus’ Name!

Cliff Bell

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