Divine Protection in Baja

February 8, 2017 the Lord was with us!

My 2 week ministry tour to Baja California in February was amazing in so many ways! There was lots of spiritual warfare, but also many victories.  So much happened it’s difficult to know where to start.

Those of you who connect with me on Facebook already know the big story.  On February 8th at 10:30 AM Pacific Time, while traveling from San Quintín to Guerrero Negro we had a roll-over accident.  We were driving in a Ford Expedition heading south, near a place called Punta Prieta (still in Baja California Norte).

The road is quite narrow and has many potholes which apparently stressed the tires (which could have been in better condition).  The back right tire finally had enough and blew out, causing the vehicle to begin to lose control. Our driver, Bernaldino, was surely helped by the Lord to narrowly avoid a head on collision. Then the right front tire fell off the pavement (there was a drop off of about 10 to 12 inches). This caused the back of the vehicle to pivot 90 degrees, then we rolled a complete 360, landing right side up with the nose of the vehicle near the middle line of the highway and the back tires off the pavement.

We had been listening to praise music and chatting.  As soon as the tire blew I started praying in tongues. All four of us (Pastor Guillermo Ramírez and a young man named Christian Lewis in the back seat, Bernardino and myself in the front) all testify to God’s Presence and peace being with us.

Just about five minutes prior to the accident, Guillermo noticed he and Christian did not have their seat belts on, and felt an urgency to put his on and tell Christian to do so also. Culturally, in Mexico, many are not accustomed to wearing seat belts while in the back seat.  So that was a big deal. Thankfully, Guillermo did as he was led to do.  It may well have saved his life and the life of Christian.

About 14 years ago someone gave Dianne a ring with a message saying the Lord impressed on them to give her the ring so that she would always know God would take care of me while I travel. She doesn’t put it on every day, but she had put it on that morning.  Several times that morning she looked at the ring and thanked God for taking care of me.  I know her prayers and yours are a reason no one got seriously injured.

Though we were covered with bits of glass, all four of us got out of the car with only bumps and bruises. Bernaldino was the only one who was bleeding from a cut on his scalp where the car roof smashed in.  He got some stitches the next morning.   I did have some sore muscles on the left side of my neck from when we were slammed towards my right.  So I was a “stiff necked” person for a few days, but it’s back to normal now.

There was no cell phone service for miles, so Guillermo hitched a ride to the closest phone to call for help.  The tow truck and police arrived.  Both were very courteous and helpful.  Many people driving by stopped to make sure we were OK.  Other than the car itself, the biggest loss was that Christian’s guitar was broken (he just bought it a few months ago).  So he had to use a loaner as he led worship for us in Guerrero Negro and in Mulegé.  I’m believing the Lord will supply him another and better guitar than what he had before!

Bernaldino rode with the policeman to the place where the Expedition was being towed and was able to share the Gospel with the policeman on the way. So a seed was sown in the midst of the crisis. Christian and I rode in the cab of the tow truck.  Amazingly there were no charges filed.

The Ford Expedition (I think it was a 2002) was loaned to us by our good friend, Dr. Luis Lojas. I have not yet heard what the insurance situation is, but I’m trusting God for full restitution for him.

Some people from Guerrero Negro came to pick us up and took us on in to town where they were waiting for us with a feast of grilled mutton. I’m talking a whole sheep dressed out on a spit spinning over a fire… After the meal I had just enough time to get ready to minister that night.

Honestly, I’m still processing the events of that morning… I don’t understand why the accident, but know God’s Hand was with us powerfully throughout the whole thing.  Had we collided with the other SUV it surely would have had another ending.  By the way, they turned around, came back and offered help as  did the driver of the 18 wheeler behind us.  They were shocked we were not seriously injured.

We praise God for His protection and mercy and rejoice that even though it slowed us down a bit on our schedule, we did not miss one ministry engagement but were able to fulfill everything God sent us to do.  He is ever faithful!!!

A late lunch and reception in Guerrero Negro

So glad Christian put on his seat belt!







This shows how much your prayers are important all the time.  I’d be interested to know if any of you remember praying especially for us that morning…

I ministered that night to a full house



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