What We Do

When you are pioneering something, you usually find yourself stretched thin and doing a little of everything… 


  • Apostolic / Prophetic Training Seminars.  Whenever possible we encourage the host church to open up the training to others outside their own congregation.  In one training event in Costa Rica we had a full house with people from all over Central America and from as far away as Mexico and Peru.

    Culiacan, Sinaloa Prophetic Training

    Culiacan, Sinaloa
    Prophetic Training

  • Direct and oversee several prophetic training schools.  We currently oversee nine such schools in Mexico and Colombia.  For more detail please see the sub-page on Prophetic Schools
  • Provide indirect oversight to other prophetic schools and local church training programs in an advisory capacity.
  • Provide ministry at conferences and local churches, primarily in Spanish throughout Latin America, but also in Portuguese (Brazil) and sometimes even in English!   Most of the time the topics are designed to bring the audience into a greater revelation and experience of New Testament Kingdom truths and practices.  A primary focus is to train and activate the saints to be effective in the 7 Mountains of culture as agents of reformation. Other times the focus is to deliver the Word of the Lord to that group and provide personal ministry.   
  • Apostolic covering for churches and ministries through CIGN Mexico.  Besides those in Mexico, we have others who are part of CIGN Mexico of other nations such as Colombia and Brazil.  In essence, this is pastoring pastors and other ministers who form a part of CIGN Mexico.
    Pastors Francisco and Lety Camino, Cliff, Pastors Gabriel and Alma Lozada

    Pastors Francisco and Lety Camino, Cliff, Pastors Gabriel and Alma Lozada

    • Some of our CIGN Mexico ministers are apostles of their own networks which include hundreds of churches – these consider me a part of their covering as well, and I am often called upon to give advice, counsel, ministry, etc.
  • Online ministry:  Teachings and devotionals on our Spanish website and on our public Facebook page which is currently reaching between 20,000 – 60,000 Spanish speaking people throughout the globe each week. We now have many articles and devotionals published in Spanish which are helping to bring apostolic order to lives and ministries which have been adversely affected by either false or immature prophets and apostles.
  • Support and coaching for pastors and leaders not a part of CIGN, but with
    With Pastors Joao and Ana Rita Wojcicki of Agape Sede Ministries in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    With Pastors Joao and Ana Rita Wojcicki of Agape Sede Ministries in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    whom we are building relationship through email, telephone, online, as well as in person when possible.  Most often this is in regard to some aspect of the prophetic, but also involves counseling for those who have no one else to turn to.  While we would like more ministries to become a part of CIGN, our focus is to build the Kingdom of God regardless of affiliation.

  • Partnering with other denominations and networks:  Besides the churches we personally oversee, God has give us tremendous favor and open doors with traditional churches such as the Methodists, Charismatic networks like “Castillo del Rey,” Grace International Brazil, as well as Pentecostal denominations and networks.  Some of these other churches have requested webe their spiritual covering in that area of their church – not unlike being on an advisory board.  In fact, three of the nine prophetic schools we directly oversee are held in Methodist churches.
  • Partnering with Ministry Training Schools and Bible Colleges.  I often am asked to teach a course on prophetic and apostolic dimensions within various schools such as:  Wagner Leadership Institute (Guatemala and Nicaragua), UPRE – Redime Prophetic University, Vision International University (Mexico), Adame Theological Seminary and others.  These opportunities have been strategic as I get to minister to those who are already in ministry or who are preparing for ministry to teach, train and activate them in the prophetic.
  • Developing Apostolic and Prophetic resources in Spanish and Portuguese.  I currently have three books and one prophetic training manual which are self published.  For more information please see the sub-page: Developing Resources.

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