Developing Resources

It takes a great effort to get good books on present truth available where they are needed.  When one becomes available in one country it can often be a headache trying to move and distribute them to others.  Shipping costs and duty often drive costs higher for those I serve who are often in impoverished nations.

We are constantly working to help facilitate the translation, publication and distribution of resources such as books by Bishop Hamon and others.  In the meantime, I developed some resources of my own resources. 

I currently have three books as well as a prophetic training manual which are self bookspublished.  These resources are reaching far beyond where I am able to go personally.

  1. Tú Puedes Profetizar (You Can Prophesy) 
    1. This book teaches the need for every believer to hear God’s voice and be led by the spirit and how we can all prophesy to fulfill 1st Cor. 14:31.
    2. It also teaches how to discern God’s voice, how to prepare and position ourselves to have greater accuracy and consistency; it ends with practical points and tips for getting started.
  2. Quién Dijo Qué? (Who Said What?)
    1. This is a booklet designed to teach people how to discern the source of a prophecy: whether it from the Spirit of God, the spirit of man, or a spirit of divination.
  3. Cómo Superar y Prosperar en los Tiempos Turbulentos (How to Survive and Thrive in Turbulent Times). 
    1. This is a book that deals with how to position ourselves to receive God’s favor and blessing regardless of what storms rage in the economy or in the culture around us
  4. Seminar Manual:  Entrenamiento Profético Intensivo (Intensive Prophetic Resources EPI ManualTraining). 
    1. This is a 10 lesson seminar with a workbook in Spanish which establishes foundational truths needed in prophetic ministry as well as trains and activates the saints in their spiritual gifts.
    2. A few of the foundations laid are:  how to judge a prophetic word, how to respond to a personal prophecy, the difference between the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet, How to prepare to hear the voice of God accurately and consistently.
    3. It also deals with heart issues and problem areas such as religious spirit, jezebel spirit, pride, etc.
    4. The focus is not on prophesying in church although protocol is established for that, but rather, the focus is on living led by the Spirit on a daily basis and using the gifts in evangelism.
    5. This manual is not a product for sale, but is only used in the context of the live seminar taught by either myself or those I have authorized.