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Cliff & Dianne Bell

Cliff & Dianne Bell

We could not accomplish what we do without the financial support of our generous partners.   

I have the privilege of ministering in places where they cannot always afford to pay my way let alone give an offering on top of that for my family and me to live on!   Yet it is in these places where the battle is raging the hottest and God’s people who live there need to be equipped to rise up and take their city for God. 

Your gifts enable us to reach them, encourage them and equip them so they can see Kingdom transformation come to their city, region and nation! 

We ask you to prayerfully consider including CLIFF BELL FAMILY MINISTRIES in your monthly missions giving.   We believe this is good soil which is already producing a harvest.  Thank you in advance for partnering with us!




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Dianne and I thank you and pray that every seed sown be multiplied back to you an hundred fold!

6 But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. 8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.”   – 2nd Corinthians 9:6-8

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Confronting Counterfeits in Colombia

Confronting Counterfeits in Colombia, Raising the Standard for True Prophetic Ministry

Dear Friends,

In September I made an extended ministry trip to three cities in Colombia.  I started in Cartagena, then went to Barranquilla and finished in Cali.

This trip was by request of Apostle Roosevelt Muriel of Bogotá.  In August I taught a prophetic training event at his church focusing on discerning between true prophetic ministry and the false, how easily divination and witchcraft has come into the church disguised as prophecy.

Let me be clear, I believe in modern day prophetic ministry, and have prophesied to thousands of people. I am grateful for Bishop Bill Hamon who has modeled the true prophetic ministry for over 60 years.  Yet it is also clear that the enemy will take advantage wherever he can to introduce a mixture and infiltrate the lives of believers.

Some of the open doors to demonic influence include: idolatry, sexual sin, pride, offense, rebellion and more.  Sadly, all these things are all too common within the church throughout Latin America. When these things (which can be subtle) are combined with a lack of biblical knowledge, a lack of intimacy with God, not understanding God’s nature and purpose for prophetic ministry, the enemy has a field day.

According to Apostle Roosevelt, the three cities where he sent me are where there have been most problems regarding prophetic ministry in Colombia. Because of a lack of teaching, most everyone who operates in any level of prophecy assumes they’re a “prophet”, not understanding the difference between the gift of  prophecy and the vocational ministry office of the prophet.

The sad reality has been that people with no training, no biblical foundation, and major character flaws have been throwing around prophecies indiscriminately like Yosemite Sam shooting bullets on Looney Tunes resulting in much harm.

Most in Latin America don’t know how to discern between a true prophetic word which edifies the Church and divination (which tells one what they want to hear), and witchcraft (which is characterized by control and even releasing curses on people). I can tell you, there was a lot of spiritual warfare going into and throughout this trip!

To give you an idea… In my travels I’ve had pastors introduce me to their “church prophet” who was still openly practicing santería or who had an altar to “St. Death” in their home.  One pastor told me that he had fifty prophets in his church (out of a total of 150 people)!  So, even many pastors are terribly ignorant regarding this subject.  If the pastor is ignorant, the congregation is even more so. This trip was very important to establish a standard in Colombia.

Barranquilla Training

The pastor in Barranquilla was blown away at the teaching. He kept telling me over and over, “what you are teaching has never been taught here. This is so needed!” He had actually been so alarmed at some of the obviously false and harmful prophecies that he had stopped all prophetic words from being given.

I commended him for being discerning and for protecting the sheep. But I also shared with him a better way: to bring biblical teaching, introduce a prophetic protocol in his church, to filter out the words that are not of God, and yet to facilitate those which are. He had never heard of prophetic protocol! His people did not know we are to judge prophecies! I believe the Lord helped me establish apostolic order and raise the standard for true prophetic ministry.

I appreciate your prayers during this trip.  Not only was there a lot of spiritual warfare, but I also was affected by a pilots’ strike in Avianca Airlines.  I had two flights with Avianca.   For my flight from Barranquilla to Cali, I arrived at the airport at 6 AM only to find out my direct flight had been cancelled.  I posted on Facebook for prayer, and eventually was re-routed through Bogotá and arrived to Cali in time for the evening’s meetings!  Thankfully, my flight leaving Cali was not cancelled, but it required me arriving three hours early to make the flight.

I am grateful to my hosts in each of the three cities. I was able to do just a little sightseeing in Cali after service on Sunday.  I will include some pictures in the slideshow below!

If you have not yet done so, I ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us and including us in your missions giving. For those who have already partnered with us, Dianne and I deeply thank you! You are a vital part of this ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Cliff Bell

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