Confronting Counterfeits in Colombia

Confronting Counterfeits in Colombia, Raising the Standard for True Prophetic Ministry

Dear Friends,

In September I made an extended ministry trip to three cities in Colombia.  I started in Cartagena, then went to Barranquilla and finished in Cali.

This trip was by request of Apostle Roosevelt Muriel of Bogotá.  In August I taught a prophetic training event at his church focusing on discerning between true prophetic ministry and the false, how easily divination and witchcraft has come into the church disguised as prophecy.

Let me be clear, I believe in modern day prophetic ministry, and have prophesied to thousands of people. I am grateful for Bishop Bill Hamon who has modeled the true prophetic ministry for over 60 years.  Yet it is also clear that the enemy will take advantage wherever he can to introduce a mixture and infiltrate the lives of believers.

Some of the open doors to demonic influence include: idolatry, sexual sin, pride, offense, rebellion and more.  Sadly, all these things are all too common within the church throughout Latin America. When these things (which can be subtle) are combined with a lack of biblical knowledge, a lack of intimacy with God, not understanding God’s nature and purpose for prophetic ministry, the enemy has a field day.

According to Apostle Roosevelt, the three cities where he sent me are where there have been most problems regarding prophetic ministry in Colombia. Because of a lack of teaching, most everyone who operates in any level of prophecy assumes they’re a “prophet”, not understanding the difference between the gift of  prophecy and the vocational ministry office of the prophet.

The sad reality has been that people with no training, no biblical foundation, and major character flaws have been throwing around prophecies indiscriminately like Yosemite Sam shooting bullets on Looney Tunes resulting in much harm.

Most in Latin America don’t know how to discern between a true prophetic word which edifies the Church and divination (which tells one what they want to hear), and witchcraft (which is characterized by control and even releasing curses on people). I can tell you, there was a lot of spiritual warfare going into and throughout this trip!

To give you an idea… In my travels I’ve had pastors introduce me to their “church prophet” who was still openly practicing santería or who had an altar to “St. Death” in their home.  One pastor told me that he had fifty prophets in his church (out of a total of 150 people)!  So, even many pastors are terribly ignorant regarding this subject.  If the pastor is ignorant, the congregation is even more so. This trip was very important to establish a standard in Colombia.

Barranquilla Training

The pastor in Barranquilla was blown away at the teaching. He kept telling me over and over, “what you are teaching has never been taught here. This is so needed!” He had actually been so alarmed at some of the obviously false and harmful prophecies that he had stopped all prophetic words from being given.

I commended him for being discerning and for protecting the sheep. But I also shared with him a better way: to bring biblical teaching, introduce a prophetic protocol in his church, to filter out the words that are not of God, and yet to facilitate those which are. He had never heard of prophetic protocol! His people did not know we are to judge prophecies! I believe the Lord helped me establish apostolic order and raise the standard for true prophetic ministry.

I appreciate your prayers during this trip.  Not only was there a lot of spiritual warfare, but I also was affected by a pilots’ strike in Avianca Airlines.  I had two flights with Avianca.   For my flight from Barranquilla to Cali, I arrived at the airport at 6 AM only to find out my direct flight had been cancelled.  I posted on Facebook for prayer, and eventually was re-routed through Bogotá and arrived to Cali in time for the evening’s meetings!  Thankfully, my flight leaving Cali was not cancelled, but it required me arriving three hours early to make the flight.

I am grateful to my hosts in each of the three cities. I was able to do just a little sightseeing in Cali after service on Sunday.  I will include some pictures in the slideshow below!

If you have not yet done so, I ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us and including us in your missions giving. For those who have already partnered with us, Dianne and I deeply thank you! You are a vital part of this ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Cliff Bell

Road Trip August, 2017 – Bringing Freedom!

Road Trip, August 2017

Dear Friends,

I made an extended road trip in August and was able to both minister in several churches as well as get some much needed work done for my Dad in Del Rio, TX.

My Dad has had some health challenges which finally required him to move in with one of my sisters in North Texas. His house needs to be emptied and prepared for placing on the market. I spent quite a few days in Del Rio getting his house closer to that goal.

My Dad, Bob Bell

August is one of the hottest months in West Texas.  High temperatures soared well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and some days up to 114!  Most of the work I did was in portions of the house or in out-buildings which were not air conditioned. So if I said it was “no sweat” I’d be lying!  But I was glad to be able to help my Dad.  You can check out his blog by clicking on his picture at right.

Right across the border from Del Rio is Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico.   Comunidad Cristiana Maná is a church there with whom I have relationship, and which directs four of our prophetic schools: Acuña, Piedras Negras, Nava and Del Rio. Apostles Elio & Darea Rivera and Eduardo & Patricia Ruiz are doing a great job there!   They requested I come and teach on spiritual warfare, praise warfare and the song of the Lord.  This is one of my favorite topics, and one I had been looking forward to sharing with them!

Opening the Heavens

Getting ready to bring down some strongholds

Many people attended from various cities around the area as well as by the local congregation.  The meetings were also broadcast live via Facebook, and the videos have been seen by close to another 5,000 people!   I laid the foundation for spiritual warfare, warfare praise, and the power of the shout in corporate spiritual warfare.  You can learn more about corporate spiritual warfare by reading  Bishop Bill Hamon’s book, “God’s World War III.”

Saturday night we ended with a powerful time of warfare to break the stronghold of the spirit of death and its effects over the city.  Death worship is prevalent throughout Northern Mexico, and results in high incidents of homicides, violence, suicide, depression, sickness, apathy, passivity, etc.  These have manifested in the city and even in the church.  I felt this was one of the major factors contributing to the spiritual apathy among the Christians in the city.  But as we came together in unity, something shifted over the city that night!   An amazing testimony in just a moment!

Sunday I taught on the prophetic song, and even though my voice was hoarse from shouting the night before, the Lord helped me to demonstrate and minister through the song of the Lord.  I had the worship team start off with the chorus, “There is Power in the Name of Jesus to Break Every Chain…”  Then we just flowed from there; the worship team did great following me!  The Lord ministered to the congregation (both services) on a group level, as well as to many individuals with songs of deliverance.  It was a very anointed time!  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!

Apostle Elio wrote me with some praise reports!

First, he said that many were healed and delivered that Sunday.  One lady in particular shared with him how she was delivered from oppression. He said her face just glowed!  But I was even more thrilled with the second part of his report…

Elio has a public Facebook page called Ora Por Acuna (Pray for Acuna).  There he leads those who will respond in prayer over the city.  Usually he gets between 300 to 500 people to respond.  The Monday following that weekend (August 14) MORE THAN 25,000 PEOPLE JOINED IN THE PRAYER FOR THE CITY!!!  He wrote,

“That’s NEVER happened before.  The Holy Spirit did a miracle of unity and blessing for the city!  Truly, God broke something off the atmosphere of the city!”

(UPDATE OCTOBER 10:)  Apostle Elio reports that a few days later he posted a prayer request which 500,000 people responded as ‘praying for Acuna”!  After that post apparently “went viral”, the numbers have leveled off at between 42,000 and 64,000.  THAT’S A CONSISTENT 100 FOLD INCREASE!

As a result of mobilizing the warriors in prayer and praise, they’ve seen many miracles.  EXAMPLE: a torrential rain was forecast to bring flooding to the whole region.  He mobilized the prayer, and the city was spared: there was flooding all around, but NOT in the city! 

I had planned on returning home by Wednesday the 16th, but decided to stay on and get more done at Dad’s house.  God opened up doors to minister in Quemado and in Big Lake.  It is amazing how God directs our paths and to see how He opens effectual doors!

Sunday, the 20th, I ministered at the First Baptist Church in Quemado, TX with my good friends Pastors Brouning and Juanita LentzBrouning is a graduate of the prophetic school in Acuña. I did a prophetic training there a couple of years ago, so it was good to follow up with them.   We had several visitors, including Bob King, the pastor of the Assembly of God church in town, another pastor from Indio, TX, and quite a few from Eagle Pass.  I was able to prophesy to everyone who stayed.  Some mentioned to me that it was a divine appointment for them.

With my Dad, Bob Bell, and my two lovely sisters

Monday, the 21st I drove up to Seymour and spent that afternoon and Tuesday with my Dad and sisters.

Wednesday I drove over to Big Lake, TX and ministered Wednesday and Thursday at an Assembly of God church with Pastor Olmedo Tirone.  They received me with much openness.  I couldn’t do much in two evenings, especially since the services were bilingual (I served as my own interpreter).  But God challenged them to rise up to a new level and expanded their vision for what He would have them do to accomplish His purpose.

Thursday night in Big Lake the Lord healed a lot of people as I led them to minister one to another.  The best part was I was able to lead one of people God healed, an older gentleman, to receive salvation!

On Friday I drove back as far as Del Rio, and Saturday I drove home, taking the route along Highway 83 to avoid the rains of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey was a non-event as far as the Rio Grande Valley.  It did not even rain here though just 2 1/2 hours north / northeast of here is Corpus Christi and Rockport which got slammed with the winds and storm surge.   North and northeast of us was literally inundated with unprecedented and torrential rain. We are grateful we had no problems here, but are very aware of the need to pray and to help those who lost so much because of the storm.

This slideshow has some miscellaneous shots I took along the way I thought you might enjoy!

There’s so much going on these days! If you’ve been affected by some kind of storm, whether that storm be natural and weather related, emotional, physical, or financial, Dianne and I pray the Lord will keep you, strengthen you, protect you, provide for you and help you to keep your eyes on Him.  He is ever faithful! We can trust in Him, in His love and faithfulness!   Regardless of what it looks like at the moment, He WILL work ALL things together for our good and for His glory!

We thank you for your prayers and financial support which make this ministry possible! For those who prefer to give online, we now have a link to our PayPal donation page direct from our website. 

Awakening NOW and Reformation in our lifetime!!!


Cliff Bell

Hercules: the town that moves mountains

Dear Friends,

After a week of ministry in Guadalajara (see my last post), I arrived in the high

One of the man-made mesas, pilings from the mine

One of the man-made mesas, pilings from the mine

desert city of Chihuahua on November 8th and was received by CIGN Mexico Pastors Gabriel and Alma Lozada who were to join me in the remote mining town of Hercules, Coahuila for a prophetic training seminar.

I met with the Lozadas and their son, Abimael, that evening at Abimael’s business, Western Burger where he serves some awesome gourmet burgers that rival Red Robin! You can see some pictures below. …Let’s just say I didn’t suffer any malnutrition while in Chihuahua!   I stayed in their home while in Chihuahua and had a good visit with them.

Wednesday night I ministered at Charisma Church, pastored by our good friends, Gabriel and Myrna Villanueva.   This is a great church which is making a big difference, not only in their city, but also with the Tarahumara Indians in the mountains west of the city.

Dinner with the Charisma Church leadership in Chihuahua

Dinner with the Charisma Church leadership in Chihuahua

I was still quite inspired by Bishop Hamon’s ministry in Guadalajara the days before, so I ministered on the Army of the Lord and how we have to transition from being an audience to an army!  I also challenged them to rise up to a new level of spiritual warfare, and to use the authority God has given us to bring down the demonic strongholds in their area.  I was also able to prophesy to all their leadership.

The Lozadas and I had planned on traveling to Hercules, Coahuila by bus since their car was on the blink.  I was so grateful the Villanueva’s not only took us in their car but joined us for the whole weekend and training seminar there!  That was such a blessing!  We enjoyed more good fellowship along the way, and sitting in the back seat I was able to take some great pictures of the desert scenes along the way.

Hercules is a company mining town of only 6,300 people, way out in the boonies south of the Big Bend National Park and east of Chihuahua. The last hour of the highway was unpaved.  We were grateful to finally see the lights up ahead as we drew near to the town.  We arrived just after dark to Hercules, Coahuila where we were received by Pastors Rafael and Norma Martinez.  After a delicious dinner we were split up into homes where we were to lodge.

The following morning we were given the VIP tour of the Hercules Iron Mine, led by Luis, one of the church members and new employee trainers.  I had never seen a strip mine in person before and was astounded at the size of the crater which had been dug over the course of 40+ years.

The surrounding landscape looked like a series of mesas, but were actually dirt and rock left over after what was mined was separated. They explained the mining process to us, and let us ride in one of their 180 ton Caterpillar dump trucks on one of the rounds.  Since everyone who lives in Hercules is a mining family, it was so beneficial to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the hard work they do!  The following slider has more pictures of the tour…

That Thursday night we started the prophetic training seminar. In spite of the small town and remote location we had close to 100 people in all in attendance!  Other pastors came in from several surrounding cities and towns.  Some traveled six hours to get there. The first night we had about 30 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

All those from out of town were hosted by church families in their homes.  The local congregation didn’t have much, but they truly opened up their homes and their hearts with their warm norteño hospitality!  Most came from a traditional Pentecostal background, but they were so eager to learn about the prophetic and how to hear the Voice of God to be more effective in their witness and life.

With Hercules Pastors Rafael and Norma Martinez

With Hercules Pastors Rafael and Norma Martinez

I found out the church members had prepared for over a month, and had cooked for a week to provide food for everyone throughout the conference. They had requested a registration fee of 50 pesos ($2.50 USD), which didn’t even cover the cost of the food they served us, but they didn’t want anyone to be excluded for need of money.

I was so impressed with Pastor Rafael (who is also a miner!) and the Rose of Sharon Pentecostal Church.  They are one of the most giving and hard working sincere congregations I’ve seen in years.  With what little they have, they also have already prepared and sent out pastoral couples to start new churches.  I met one of these couples who came to the training, and was really impressed with their quality.   Big things can happen in small places!

On the left, a young pastor couple sent out by the Hercules church.

On the left, a young pastor couple sent out by the Hercules church.

While in Hercules there was no access to Internet, though I had a very weak telephone signal enough to send a text message to let my family know I was doing well. It was a joy to minister to these precious people who are mostly isolated from the rest of the world and the pretentiousness often found in big cities.  They worshipped with enthusiasm in their unique norteño music style, and listened with attentiveness, both young and older alike.

I was thrilled as they took new steps of faith during the activations, and saw how God not only spoke to them, but used them to minister healing one to another! Quite a few people were healed in the process!

That Sunday I prophesied to the leadership, but focused mostly on ministering to the youth. I was able to prophesy to all of them, including a few where were not present, but who had a family member present who gave me their name.   Pastor Rafael expressed how his concept of personal prophecy changed drastically during the course of the weekend, and how he was able to identify several things in which they needed to change.  He and the congregation were all very grateful.

After the last service, no one wanted to leave. Even after a dinner of pozole, we spent a couple of hours greeting everyone, saying goodbye, taking pictures, etc.   I was especially touched by Pastor Rafael’s personal gift to me: a few special rocks from his rock collection to mine!

Monday, the ride back to Chihuahua was full of rejoicing. That evening I had some amazing fellowship with Gabriel Lozada Jr. and his beautiful family (including their two miracle babies which are a fulfillment of prophecy), then later a dinner with the Villanuevas’ church leadership.  I was plenty tired, but so grateful for their love and friendship.   The next day was day 14 of my trip, and I made my way home.

This last week was Thanksgiving Week, which also means birthdays for me and for Dianne. Since I am the family’s holiday cook, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen which I enjoyed.   Now I’m getting ready for another two trips in December, and catching up on other work.

There is a lot going on, so I truly appreciate your prayers and support as we keep advancing the Lord’s work in Mexico and Latin America! One new thing I’m excited about is that we are overseeing a new church plant in San Quintín, Baja California North!

In downtown Chihuahua

In downtown Chihuahua

As we approach the end of the year, I request that if you are not already doing so, that you prayerfully consider adding us to your missions’ giving.   Many places, like Hercules, are what we call, “sowing trips” and while they give sacrificially, it doesn’t cover our expenses.  We depend on the Lord placing on the hearts of people of like vision to partner with us.  So please pray about it, and see what the Lord tells you.

Dianne and I love you and bless you in Jesus’ Name!

Cliff Bell

April Italy Trip Report

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you so much for your prayers during my ministry trip to Italy in April! I know that the Lord heard you and helped me.

The last few days of the trip were extra challenging.  The whole time I was there it was quite cold and rainy, and several people there were sick.  We were in close quarters as I slept in the chilly church office. It turns out I caught some influenza virus and wound up battling a fever of 102.  I had to minister sitting down a couple of nights, but the Lord came through in spite of the challenge!

 Here’s a re-cap of the trip. 

This was my first time to Italy, being invited by Pastor Saverio (Rino) Corsini of the town of Acquaviva della Fonti (Living Water from the Fountain) near Bari. Continue reading