Breaking through in Colombia

Discernment Seminar in Bogota

Dear Friends,

In July I made an extended trip to Colombia where I ministered in Barrancabermeja and in Bogotá.

In Barrancabermeja, I ministered at the Central Foursquare Church pastored by Abigail (Mlacker) Perez.  She and her husband Frank are doing an excellent job in promoting present truth in the region.  The church was celebrating their 70th anniversary and launching a new praise and worship CD!    It was an honor to minister for them and release a fresh word from God.

It had been a few years since my last visit to Barrancabermeja, so it was a joy to catch up with all God has done with them.  God gave me a message to encourage them, to restore their identity as warriors, and for the congregation to transition from an audience to an army!   The people responded really well!  I prophesied to well over 100 people including all of the leaders and pastoral staff.    It was a powerful time of impartation, building, and encouraging the Body of Christ.

After Barrancabemeja, I flew back to Bogota and spent the first two nights with my hosts, Prophets Diego and Liliana Pelaez and their two boys, Simon and Pablo.  They are a beautiful family who are part of the CIGN under my covering.  Diego and Liliana are doing a great job raising up a church and prophetic school.   We enjoyed catching up and sharing what God is doing in our lives.

The next night, Wednesday, I ministered at a local church called Misión Berakah.   As I entered the church I could discern a strong oppression hanging over the congregation. They are located in one of the rougher areas of the city where there is a lot of crime, drugs, prostitution, witchcraft, etc.  I ministered that night on joy and hope, restoring our identity as victors rather than victims.  Diego and Liliana joined me in forming a prophetic team as we ministered to everyone present.   The congregation responded very well, and there were many tears of joy as the Lord spoke to their hearts.

Seminar in Bogota

Thursday through Saturday I taught a prophetic training seminar on discernment. Specially, how to discern between the prophetic and divination, how the spirits of divination (python) and witchcraft disguise themselves and contaminate the prophetic.  God is purifying the river of the prophetic, and there were many times of repentance as the biblical standard was raised.  

Prophets Diego and Liliana, as well as Apostle Roosevelt Muriel and others present were so impressed they asked me to return and bring the same teaching to three other key cities in Colombia.  They shared with me how this teaching directly but lovingly confronts deceptions, and in many cases even blatant demonic practices prevalent in many churches in Colombia.

We had pastors and leaders from several departments (regions) of Colombia as well as one man who came all the way from Belo Horizonte, Brazil just to attend the training.   The teachings were broadcast live and remain on YouTube (Spanish only).  So I am believing these videos will help many others.

Sunday I ministered at Ap. Roosevelt Muriel’s church, Jesucristo Vive Hoy Para Las Naciones.  God gave me a specific word for the church, then I was able to prophesy and minister to most of his leaders and several others.

I was blessed that God gave me the opportunity to also minister to an employee of the hostel where I stayed the last few days. Her name is Leila and had recently moved to Bogota from Cartagena.  Since the front gates are always locked for security purposes, we had a few opportunities to chat while waiting for my rides to the church.  I was able to connect her with Ap Roosevelt’s church as it is close by, and prophesy to her.

Cliff & Dianne Bell

Dianne and I thank you for your prayers and support which help make this ministry possible. I am honored to represent Christian International and to establish present truth and build the church in Latin America.

If have not done so already, I ask you to prayerfully consider making Cliff Bell Family Ministries a part of your missions giving.   I believe this is good soil and together we can make a difference!   For your convenience, we now have a link to PayPal available on our website for those who wish to give online.

Together we can do more!


2 thoughts on “Breaking through in Colombia

  1. Profeta Cliff, mi nombre es Consuelo Rubiano, tube la oportunidad de verlo y gozarme con todas sus ensenanzas y la palabra profetica aqui en Montreal en nuestro 25 aniversario con el Apostol Byron Quevedo, Me da mucho gusto saber que ha estado en Colombia, yo soy de Bogota, que bueno que el Senor nos concede tenerle en nuestro pais yn traer bendicion y rertauracion, lo bendigo y deseo que el Senor siga prosperando su ministerio por todo el mundo, estoy planeando viajar a Colombia en enero, me gustaria contactar a los profetas que usted menciona, Si es possible podria darme la direccion de esa iglesia ya que voy para Bogota,
    Esperamos que la proxima vez que venga a Montreal su esposa pueda venir tambien, queremos conocerla.

    • Querida Hermana Maria Rubiano, ¡Gracias por su mensaje!

      En Bogotá, el profeta que está bajo mi cobertura es el Profeta Diego Peláez y su esposa Liliana Villadiego de Peláez. Su iglesia se llama Comunidad Profética de Adoración y tienen un ministerio (inclusive una escuela profética) llamado Atalayas en Acción. Usted puede aprender más de su ministerio subiendo a su página:

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